Integrating People, Processes and Technology

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Business Bionics

Video Training

Red Green Black.
The information found in the video training covers the implementation of a Red Green Black initiative within a company.  This details how it can be sold, the process of starting this initiative and the analysis of the results leading to potential cost / time savings within an organisation.  In many cases a simple change of process whereby a different person performs certain duties will amass very large savings for an organisation.

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Red, Green, Black - The answer to the question... what's happening?

Business Bionics 101.
Within this video is the concept and methodology showing the joined up thinking that is Business Bionics.  The 13 repositories are described in detail with linking mechanisms and how a consulting role using this methodology could run.

The video showing the Business Bionics (tm) methodology can be found HERE.

Business Bionics Detailed Consultancy Methodology

In this video series, the entire consulting methodology is passed out in a logical and informative way, showing exactly how each section of a Business Bionics interaction should be carried out.  It shows the interlace between repositories and how each section is crucial to the business analysis prior to re-design and change initiatives.

Every section of the Business Bionics project is scrutinised with typical Q&A for every section.

FACT: An alarming number of businesses do not know how to measure their efficiency effectively and do not have sufficient controls or processes in place.