Integrating People, Processes and Technology

Do you want your business to give you more money and more time AND be easier to run? THAT is where we help. We review what you do now, then we make everything work a lot better, your technology, your communication, your actions. Seems like a lot eh? Well, let's have a chat, it's nowhere near as bad as you think.

Business Bionics

What Is Business Bionics?

The simple answer is... who cares? All you want to know as a business person is... will this help me? Can it make my business more cost effective - the answer is yes! Can it make us more profitable - undoubtably! Will it mean that things are done more effectively for our clients? ABSOLUTELY!

You see, we look at business in three ways, the people, how and why do they talk to each other! Is what they do and say what you need them to do and say? We find out, if it is, we help them to do and say it more easily, if it isn't we help them to understand what they should be doing and saying!

The second area we look at is the processes, this means the flow of things through your business. Is it seamless, smooth, unihibited (probably not) and when you need to get something done, how easy is it to get done? Our analysis will point out the bits that work and find the bits that don't!

Our last bit is technology, we are all stuffed to the rafters with it lately, computers for everything, reports all over the place and fifteen different people with their fingers on every button! Nobody knows exactly what goes on!! The thing is... it's probably important that you know if what is going on is the right stuff! We find that out for you and if it isn't we design things that mean in the future, your brighter future, it will be!

Now, isn't that worth a conversation? Would you really want to turn your back on the opportunity to save money and make more money all at the same time?

Quick, send us an email while it's in your mind, then you know it's over to us and we can have the headache of trying to schedule some of your precious time for a chat face to face. Remember, this isn't about us, it's about you...

Consider these business questions:

  • Have you mapped all of your core processes?
  • Do you know your process capacities?
  • Can you pinpoint any single point(s) of failure?
  • Do you know who is responsible for every aspect of your business?
  • Do you have measures and controls identifying
    process effectiveness?
  • Are you rewarding the right people?
  • How many separate data repositories are there in your organisation?
  • Is your data managed effectively and does data
    replication cost your organisation money?
  • Who is subversive and who is supportive to your objectives?
  • Do you have room for improvement (do you know how much, have you got a base line)?
  • Would an enhanced service benefit your clients?
  • Would an enhanced business package help
    retain your staff?
  • Do you know your rate of staff sickness or staff turnover?
  • Are you working to your maximum efficiency and effectiveness (how do you measure this)?