Integrating People, Processes and Technology

Analogies are there to help people grasp difficult concepts, we created an analogy thinking people wouldn't actually need it but it's surprising how many people remember you because of it!

Business Bionics

It's really clever this... but really means that we know what we are doing, we have thought about it and because it is actually really complex, we created this analogy to try to simplify things!

Read on, enjoy!

Business - Body comparison

Brain = Board of directors
Responsible for the direction of the business, the ongoing development of strategies and the communcation of the vision to the business.

Nervous system = Communication
The method of getting information throughout the business, this includes communication to suppliers, clients and personnel. Also responsible for getting ideas back through the business to the board.

Bones = Processes
The fundamental structure of the business, if this is well defined it offers a prescriptive method of controlling the communication throughout.

Limbs = Departments
The areas that must work in unity to enable the success of the process. It is difficult to remove the departments from a business but often, a segragated business will perform poorly against a unified business

Muscles = People
Undoubtably the most important part of the business. People must be motivated, supported and rewarded to achieve the best from them. In every case, an eager workforce will move the business forward.

Lymbic system = Social network
This area is responsible for the chinese whispers, the subterfuge and for allowing us to identify the people who truly influence the business. The influence that is exacted through this route is not necessarily that which the board would want. This communication route should diminish with the introduction of more effective prescriptive communication through correctly structured processes.

FACT: An alarming number of businesses do not know how to measure their efficiency effectively and do not have sufficient controls or processes in place.

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