Integrating People, Processes and Technology

Its great having lots of shiny new toys in the cupboard but at some time, you might just have to take them out of their boxes and see if they do what they said theywould on the outside.

Business Bionics


This is all about effective change management, good programme control, and proper testing and alignment with the business. There is no point whatsoever in designing and building somthing and then simply turning the switch on over a weekend hoping that come Monday all will be fine.

We have worked with companies that operate that way and subsequently, hate it! Our level of professionalism dictates a proper procedure with correct testing and continued analysis and data checking is in place. NOTHING goes live until it's tested through every scenario we can imagine, we even let the completely unititiated loose at times to see how much damage they can inadvertently cause! If you want it to work, make it foolproof! The check it!

We deploy systems all over the UK and deal with every level of business and intellect, it is our role to make sure a new solution is going to work for everyone involved or again... we don't get paid, we still like getting paid so we make sure it's right!

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Design
  3. Deployment
  4. Detailed training

FACT: An alarming number of businesses do not know how to measure their efficiency effectively and do not have sufficient controls or processes in place.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee: If the cost savings and increase in revenue do not exceed the value of the consultancy within an agreed timescale, we will refund the cost of the consultancy.